DermaBlade® Shave Biopsy for Dermatologists
Gem Runner™ Reloadable Safety Blade Dispenser for Catheter Cutting
Microtome blade dispenser by Personna Medical

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  • Innovation is Heating Up Thanks to AccuTec's New Fiber Laser Cutter


    This American-made nitrogen powered fiber laser cuts and engraves with remarkable precision. We are using it to facilitate rapid blade prototyping and resizing of existing blades to satisfy customer requests even faster.

  • Our Sterile Surgical Blades Are Back


    Dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, and hair restoration specialists have one thing in common. They all need high performing blades to carry out their procedures. We created the Personna Plus product line to fulfill those needs.

  • Dermaplaning - One of the Hottest Trends in Skin Care


    Dermaplaning is the act of exfoliating the face with a specially designed scalpel blade that "shaves" the dead skin and peach fuzz off. AccuTec wants to become a leader in this industry and make dermaplaning more efficient.

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