DermaBlade® Shave Biopsy for Dermatologists
Gem Runner™ Reloadable Safety Blade Dispenser for Catheter Cutting
American Line® Carpet Cutting Knife Blade

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  • Blade Selection: It’s Always Wise to Specialize


    Identifying the best blade or cutting edge for a specific application begins with asking the right questions.

  • New & Improved Flooring Blades Now Available


    What does it take to make the best flooring blade possible? Persistence, innovation, and performance testing. Continue reading to learn about our proprietary Chaska Carpet Tester and new carpet, hook, and stripper blades.

  • Commitment to Quality


    In a world where the word “quality” is too loosely bandied about, how can AccuTec Blades assure that its commitment to quality is verifiably authentic?

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