Edges and Angles

Our Edge Gives You the Edge

Blade edges must not only be sharp, but sharp at the right angle and made with the right number of facets. The ideal edge design varies with the task at hand. AccuTec engineers blades to increase productivity.

When it comes to blades, we know the angles.

There’s much more to a blade than meets the eye. Every dimension—from cutting angles, metal hardness and durability to edge sharpness, size, and configuration—has been “engineered to perform” a specific function. This functional integrity of each blade type is key to competitive advantage—when the cuts are cleaner, the end product is of higher quality.

2 facet blade edge rendering
2-facet blade edge: Rugged engineering balances durability and sharpness
3 facet blade edge rendering
3-facet blade edge: Super keen honing is designed for intricate cuts
Hollow ground blade edge rendering
Hollow ground blade edge: Concave edges prolong blade life in slitting operations
Chisel blade edge rendering
Chisel blade edge: Angled edge is honed for tough slitting or scraping tasks

A blade for every job.  A job for every blade.

Tradesmen, painters, and glass OEMs and installers need a rugged heavy-gauge blade. Single edge American Line blades with DuroEdge are made for the heaviest-duty jobs. AccuTec snap-off and utility knives and blades are ground to be especially tough and durable.

The fewer facets, the more resilient the blade. The more facets, the finer the cut.

But many applications are simply too demanding for single-bevel blades. They require the toughness of a two-facet or sharpness of a three-facet edge.

Precision-ground two-facet blades balance sharpness and durability, especially important when cutting through tough fibers and materials.

Ultra sharp three-facet  blades cut with greater precision. Honed from hard carbon or stainless steel, this super-keen edge is ideal for intricate cuts. Personna’s advanced Armor Edge technology makes blade edges even stronger.

Other specialty applications require an even more advanced edge. Our chisel edge and hollow-ground blades are excellent for food processing and other more demanding end uses.

We also offer degreased blades. When washed and degreased, foreign material transfer, including oil, is minimized for cleanroom operations such as bioprosthetics and catheter processing or any environment where cleanliness is critical.