Blade Metals

Blade Quality Starts with Steel Quality

AccuTec manufactures blades from carbon and stainless steel that perfectly balances requisite hardness and sharpness for the application at hand. Our long term relationships with premier supplier ensures the highest quality.

Steel coil for blade production

Steel must be certified before being accepted for production.

Blades are manufactured of two common iron alloys: carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel is manufactured from iron strengthened with carbon. Stainless steel also incorporates chromium to prevent corrosion. Carbon steel is used for blades that have to perform rugged tasks under severe conditions. Stainless steel blades provide outstanding performance in corrosive environments—especially medical and food applications.

Both low carbon stainless and high carbon steel consistently meet our specifications and standards and pass strict testing protocols before use.

Steel is tested at every stage of production.

AccuTec conducts tough physical and mechanical tests of steel properties throughout the production process. Controlled heating and cooling processes harden and improve steel properties to the precise requirements of each blade type. This microstructural combination of soft and hard forms ensure that each blade is “engineered to perform” at the tightest tolerances.