Core Values

Teamwork core value: it's not about the individual

Putting Others Before Self

Service towards others resides at the heart of AccuTec Blade’s core values. Whether we are looking to the needs of our customers, co-workers or other stakeholders, being concerned for the needs and wishes of others is an integral part of our culture. At its core, AccuTec Blades values relationships above all else. We express those values by listening to our customers and genuinely collaborating with our internal teams, which results in the production of world-class industrial blades that are engineered to perform at the highest standards in the industry.
Excellence core value: just good enough won't do

Desire for Excellence

Just good enough won’t do. Whether our employees work in Blade Design, Engineering, Logistics or HR…from the offices to the plant floor, every job is a self-portrait of the person who executed it. We take pride in focusing on each customer’s unique needs. Whether it is a specific blade geometry requirement, a particular hardness or a custom coating, each application is unique and we take pains to make sure every customer’s needs are met each and every day.
Attitude core value: can do vs. can't be done

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is asking how something can be done, and being genuinely curious and determined to succeed, rather than believing it can’t be done. At AccuTec Blades we find that a positive attitude acts as a catalyst in bringing together possibilities, overcoming obstacles and creating amazing blades. We embrace possibilities and we welcome challenges!
Hardworking core value: doing what it takes without complaint


We recognize that it takes working hard work and working smart. The most innovative blades are the result of persistence, learning from failure and determination. Working hard for something we love is our passion. There are no shortcuts to our customer’s success.
Confidence core value: knowing how to do the job well

Confidence (not Arrogance)

Arrogance has no place at AccuTec Blades. We value humility on the outside and the quiet confidence on the inside that comes from a solid knowledge of our craft. We’re tried and true because, as an organization, we know what works and we know what doesn’t. When facing obstacles we roll up our sleeves and we work for great outcomes because we understand that greatness comes from humility.