The Edge Makes All the Difference

On the job, roofers want to know they have the tools to get the job done. AccuTec heavy-duty blades stand up to the toughest roofing materials. Regular and super hook blades perform time and time again. That reliability is all about the right steel, the right edge, and the right finish.

The quality of an installation relates directly to the quality of the tools. That means high performance on the job, where it matters most.

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Paint and Dry Wall

The Right Tool for the Job

Wide blade glass & tile scraper
Wide blade glass & tile scraper

We asked our customers what they need, and they told us they wanted a drywall blade that stays sharper longer. We developed Personna drywall utility blades for greater initial sharpness and durability. Painters were looking for an ergonomically-designed scraper. Our American Line ergo window scraper has a molded boot for comfort and sure grip. Small places call for precision scrapers—that’s how our mini-scrapers came into being.

Mini scraper
Mini scraper, available in assorted colors

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Precision Tools Built to Perform

AccuTec engineers are always on the look-out for new ways to make commercial-grade blades more durable and easier to handle. They know that to do the job right, professionals need the right tool:

 Single-Edge with a Multi-Purpose

Blades are our bread and butter. Nobody manufactures single edge blades like AccuTec. Superior quality and super sharp.

  • .009″ and .012″ high carbon steel
  • Steel or aluminum back
  • Corrosion-resistant surface processing
  • Blades individually wrapped for protection
  • Available in convenient 10-pack dispenser or 100-piece clam shell
  • Safety pop-up dispenser also available

Flooring and Carpet

Flooring Professionals Trust Personna

Time is money in carpet and flooring installation. That’s why renovation and installation professionals rely on our hard-working flooring blades and tools.

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Armor Edge carpet blade
Armor Edge carpet blade

Personna slotted carpet blades are legendary! With ArmorEdge coating, they are reliable and stay sharper longer. For luxury vinyl tile (LVT), AccuTec has custom engineered new LVT blade technology that’s a super-performer even on the biggest jobs.

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Every Tissue Tells a Tale

There is no room for error when sampling and sectioning. Our stainless steel microtome blades are precision ground specifically for slicing human, animal, or plant tissue hardened in paraffin.

A sharp blade reduces the force required for swift, accurate sectioning. Our microtome blade’s super sharp edge and proprietary MicroCoat® surface produce smooth, clean cuts. The precision blade ensures precise cuts that minimize the need for additional sectioning.

Our microtome blades are ideal for light microscopy histology.

  • Custom ground for sample cutting
  • Meets the highest histology laboratory standards
  • Cleanroom ready and disposable
  • Custom 50-pack dispensers ensure blade edge integrity and end-user safety
  • Available in .010″ low profile and .012″ high profile design
  • Made in USA
Catherine Barry, D.O., Dermapathologist and Vice President, American Osteopathic College of Pathology
Catherine Barry, D.O., Dermapathologist and Vice President, American Osteopathic College of Pathology

“When I shave tissue specimens, I am always aware there are patients waiting to learn results. The process has to be efficient, and the section flawless—Personna microtome blades offer the cutting quality I need for accurate and timely diagnostics.”

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Personna Plus® Sterile Coated Scalpel Blades.

These high-quality, stainless steel surgical blades are available in a variety of sizes, sterile and non sterile. Blades are individually-wrapped.

All 4 Blades Feature: Stainless steel for durability, Sterilized surface for safe practice, Universal fit for easy installation with your scalpel handle, Personna Plus® coating for a smooth edge and reduced friction.

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DermaBlade® Dermal Curettes and Biopsy Punches.

Disposable dermal curettes are one of the most versatile medical instruments used during tissue removal surgeries. The curette is used for removal of warts, basal cell carcinomas, and benign neoplasms from the skin surface.

Punches are not solely used in dermatology. Biopsy punches are also designed for therapeutics, cosmetic procedures, and for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Punches have found their way into the research world and are frequently used in a variety of applications.

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DermaBlade®: Safe. Sterile. Ready When You Are.

Designed by a dermatologist for dermatologists, DermaBlade is the ultimate advanced shave biopsy instrument. Its super thin, flexible, precision-ground blade ensures maximum maneuverability in the smallest of areas. AccuTec’s proprietary MicroCoat® surface protects tissue from unnecessary trauma, and specially designed grips are designed for easy handling.

Guaranteed sterile, DermaBlade comes individually packaged and ready to use.

AccuTec’s proprietary MicroCoat® surface protects tissue from unnecessary trauma, and the specially designed grips make this shave biopsy instrument easy to use and handle.

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Watch the video below to learn more about DermaBlade from the inventor, Robert Segal, MD.

Want to see another product demonstration? Watch the “Scoop Shave Scoop Shave Skin Biopsy” video by American Family Physician.

Read about DermaBlade in the medical literature:

Journal Articles: Horizontal Excision of in situ epidermal tumors using a flexible blade. Dermatol Surg 2011;37(2):234-6, Vergilis-Kalner IJ, Goldberg LH, Firoz B, Landau JM, KimyaiAsadi A, Marquez D, Friedman PM

The razor blade in dermatologic practice. Cutis 1976;16:843-5, Shelley WB

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Usatine, Richard, et al. Dermatologic And Cosmetic Procedures in Office Practice. Philadelphia: Saunders, 2012

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DermaBlade with MicroCoat

Plastic Film

Clean Cuts Are All About the Edge

For slitting less rigid materials, such as plastic film, foil, and paper, consistency depends on the sharpness of the blade edge. A finely honed and faceted edge speeds production with less material pulling and resistance. This reliable and consistent performance minimizes the risk of tears and other material damage. The result is less waste and greater efficiency.

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Precision Edge Quality Over and Over

On the production floor, in the repair shop—wherever auto glass is being processed, you’ll find our blades.

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Long Lasting Single Edge Blades

.009 single edge blade for automotive applications
.009 single edge blade for automotive applications

Our single edge GEM®3 blade outperforms other blades for durability and sharpness. Proprietary edge geometry increases blade life and reduces scrap rate.

Retractable Snap-Off Blades and Knives

AccuTec’s auto-retract knives with snap-off blades work like standard snap-offs but with an added measure of safety. A ridged slide extends and retracts the blade without slippage. Ergonomic handle and grip provide control with the hardest pressure cuts. Super-convenient and durable, our cutting implements are reliable and easy-to-use.