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AccuTec Blades designs and engineers precision blades in global partnerships with manufacturers of material processing equipment in food, fiber, glass, and flooring. Advanced industry requires precision instrumentation and production—our specialty blades improve efficiency and quality so that, in turn, our customers can upgrade and sustain market performance.

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It’s all about attention to detail.

We anticipate customer needs, choose metals and alloys with the right properties, understand critical performance requirements, and grind, cut, and coat to exact specifications. Plus…every step of the way, we are performing stringent quality checks.

Why do our OEM partners rely on AccuTec? They know, when it comes to blades, we know every angle.

There’s no substitute for blade quality.

Our metallurgists and blade engineers have developed a wide range of slitting products to meet exacting manufacturing specifications and performance requirements. And we keep refining our blades and edges. This company-wide commitment to continuous improvement is what enables our customers to increase yields.

Choose packaging that best works for you.

AccuTec Blades come in a variety of configuration and packaging—rounded or square corners, preloaded on bayonets, or individually wrapped. You decide what works best for your work environment. Or let us know how we can make your job easier.