Textile / Fiber

Precision Ground Blades for Textile Slitting

With names like Hercules and Krupp, you know our textile blades have got to be strong! Sold by the box or case, each blade is manufactured from .036″ stainless blade and custom engineered to a specific application. And new products are in development every day.

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  • Made in USA Gru Gru (2.75 x .740″)
  • Consistent quality Celanese (1.625 x .740″)
  • Sturdy Teijin Seiki (4.50 x .740″)
  • Tough Mark IV (2.937 x .615″) and Mark V (4.625 x .615″) Tow Cutters
  • Hercules (3.75 x .740″)
  • High-performance Krupp (1.89 x .312″)

Hard-Working Fiberglass Chopper Gun Blades

For chopped strands, rovings or cut mats, fiberglass manufacturers turn to AccuTec’s high output blades for more uptime on the production room floor. The .01″ carbon steel provides the strength and durability; the precision edge accounts for fast, clean cuts.

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