Steely Resolve. Surgical Precision.

AccuTec Blades has developed a portfolio of advanced clinical devices, medical blades that meet the highest regulatory and quality standards. Our blades are found in physician examination rooms, outpatient clinics, and surgical suites. Whether for medical prep or Mohs micrographic surgery, AccuTec’s blades are designed and engineered for flawless performance.

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Precision ground and Sterile

Coated scalpel surgical blades

Stainless steel, sterile, coated Surgical Blades are manufactured using our excellent precision manufacturing process. Our coated blades give a smoother cut, reducing tissue drag and trauma.

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Cost-effective and convenient dermatology blades

DermaBlade shave biopsy blade by Personna
DermaBlade shave biopsy instrument

Safe, sterile, flexible and coated DermaBlade outperforms traditional bladed products by reducing patient tissue trauma during shave biopsies. Because DermaBlade comes ready-to-use, dermatologists and general practitioners alike prefer DermaBlade for careful removal and examination of lesions, moles and other skin tissue.

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Clean Precision Cuts

Personna Plus®, High Profile Microtome blade and dispenser in
High profile microtome blade dispenser

AccuTec’s microtome blades provide histologists with unrivaled clarity, minimal compression, and precision required for effective grossing, sample creation, and screening. AccuTec is currently developing even more advanced microtome blades for use with histology biopsy sampling for cancer detection.

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Medical Razors and Blades

DermaGard® safety double edge razor

AccuTec Blades also offers a complete line of long-term care razors, single edge blades, prep blades, and prep razors. The DermaGard® safety prep razor features a specially designed comb and “wrapped blade,” which prevents nicks, scratches, and other micro-abrasions.