Catheter Processing

Make the Right Cut the First Time

Catheter OEMs rely on our blades for clean controlled cuts without tearing or creating burs on the catheter tube. Tube widths and material composition vary widely, but all call for precision and consistency. AccuTec’s blades dependable performance increases our customers’ productivity and their bottom line.

High work station productivity. Dependable performance.

GEM cleanroom-ready blades, are available in both stainless or carbon steel and can be backed with either carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Our blades are also available with a specialized coating on the blade edge that provides smooth, precise cuts.

We also can provide washed or degreased blades that undergo a rigorous cleaning process that can help reduces foreign material transfer from the blade to your finished product.

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Two- and three-facet blade options are available.

Get consistent quality from our 2-facet and 3-facet single edge blades.

Extra sharp three-facet blades offer:

  • Smooth performance
  • Precision cuts
  • Excellent feel

Durable and sharp two-facet blades are:

  • Perfect for cutting wire-embedded and other tough tubing materials
  • Balance durability and sharpness
  • Long lasting for fewer blade changes and higher productivity
  • Degreased and cleanroom ready for less foreign material transfer