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Designed by a dermatologist for dermatologists, DermaBlade is the ultimate advanced shave biopsy instrument. Its super thin, flexible blade ensures maximum maneuverability in the smallest of areas. AccuTec’s proprietary MicroCoat® surface protects tissue from unnecessary trauma, and specially designed grips are designed for easy handling.

Guaranteed sterile, DermaBlade comes individually packaged and ready to use.

AccuTec’s proprietary MicroCoat® surface protects tissue from unnecessary trauma, and the specially designed grips make this shave biopsy instrument easy to use and handle.

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Precision ground blade for shave biopsies

  • MicroCoat® Coated Stainless Steel Blade reduces skin and tissue trauma
  • Guaranteed sterile
  • Flexible design for maximum control
  • Special grips for easy pickup and use
  • Made in USA

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Video Resources

Watch the video below to learn more about DermaBlade from the inventor, Robert Segal, MD.

Want to see another product demonstration? Watch the “Scoop Shave Scoop Shave Skin Biopsy” video by American Family Physician.

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DermaBlade with MicroCoat