Textile / Fiber

Precision Ground Blades for Textile Slitting

With names like Hercules and Krupp, you know our textile blades have got to be strong! Sold by the box or case, each blade is manufactured from .036″ stainless blade and custom engineered to a specific application. And new products are in development every day.

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  • Made in USA Gru Gru (2.75 x .740″)
  • Consistent quality Celanese (1.625 x .740″)
  • Sturdy Teijin Seiki (4.50 x .740″)
  • Tough Mark IV (2.937 x .615″) and Mark V (4.625 x .615″) Tow Cutters
  • Hercules (3.75 x .740″)
  • High-performance Krupp (1.89 x .312″)

Hard-Working Fiberglass Chopper Gun Blades

For chopped strands, rovings or cut mats, fiberglass manufacturers turn to AccuTec’s high output blades for more uptime on the production room floor. The .01″ carbon steel provides the strength and durability; the precision edge accounts for fast, clean cuts.

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Meat / Poultry

No Hide or Rind Too Tough

Personna skinner blades are known for their durability, strength, and reliability. They have to be: productivity (and yields) depend on minimal downtime and high performance up time. We’ve had years to perfect our skinner blades, and it all starts with the right steel.

The raw steel must meet our stringent standards.

A hard-working blade starts with heavy duty stainless or carbon steel selected for tough wear and corrosion resistance. Blade edges are precision ground for reliable processing performance, and the extra-durable edge reduces the times a blade must be changed on the job.

Edges must work hard, resist wear, and maintain their shape.

How do we manufacture consistently reliable blades?

  • High standards for steel material properties
  • Design and engineering innovations
  • Advanced edge grinding and honing technologies

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Catheter Processing

Make the Right Cut the First Time

Catheter OEMs rely on our blades for clean controlled cuts without tearing or creating burs on the catheter tube. Tube widths and material composition vary widely, but all call for precision and consistency. AccuTec’s blades dependable performance increases our customers’ productivity and their bottom line.

High workstation productivity. Dependable performance.

GEM cleanroom-ready blades, are available in both stainless or carbon steel and can be backed with either carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Our blades are also available with a specialized coating on the blade edge that provides smooth, precise cuts.

We also can provide washed or degreased blades that undergo a rigorous cleaning process that can help reduces foreign material transfer from the blade to your finished product.

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Consistent quality 2-facet and 3-facet single edge blades

AccuTec’s 2-facet blades balance sharpness and durability:

  • Perfect for cutting wire-embedded and other tough tubing materials
  • Long lasting for fewer blade changes and higher productivity
  • Degreased and cleanroom ready for less foreign material transfer

AccuTec’s extra sharp 3-facet blades ensure:

  • Smooth performance
  • Precision cuts
  • Excellent “feel”


Excellence. Innovation. Ingenuity.

AccuTec Blades designs and engineers precision blades in global partnerships with manufacturers of material processing equipment in food, fiber, glass, and flooring. Advanced industry requires precision instrumentation and production—our specialty blades improve efficiency and quality so that, in turn, our customers can upgrade and sustain market performance.

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It’s all about attention to detail.

We anticipate customer needs, choose metals and alloys with the right properties, understand critical performance requirements, and grind, cut, and coat to exact specifications. Plus…every step of the way, we are performing stringent quality checks.

Why do our OEM partners rely on AccuTec? They know, when it comes to blades, we know every angle.

There’s no substitute for blade quality.

Our metallurgists and blade engineers have developed a wide range of slitting products to meet exacting manufacturing specifications and performance requirements. And we keep refining our blades and edges. This company-wide commitment to continuous improvement is what enables our customers to increase yields.

Choose packaging that best works for you.

AccuTec Blades come in a variety of configuration and packaging—rounded or square corners, preloaded on bayonets, or individually wrapped. You decide what works best for your work environment. Or let us know how we can make your job easier.


Steely Resolve. Surgical Precision.

AccuTec Blades has developed a portfolio of advanced clinical devices, medical blades that meet the highest regulatory and quality standards. Our blades are found in physician examination rooms, outpatient clinics, and surgical suites. Whether for medical prep or Mohs micrographic surgery, AccuTec’s blades are designed and engineered for flawless performance.

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Precision ground and Sterile

Coated scalpel surgical blades

Stainless steel, sterile, coated Surgical Blades are manufactured using our excellent precision manufacturing process. Our coated blades give a smoother cut, reducing tissue drag and trauma.

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Cost-effective and convenient dermatology blades

DermaBlade shave biopsy blade by Personna
DermaBlade shave biopsy instrument

Safe, sterile, flexible and coated DermaBlade outperforms traditional bladed products by reducing patient tissue trauma during shave biopsies. Because DermaBlade comes ready-to-use, dermatologists and general practitioners alike prefer DermaBlade for careful removal and examination of lesions, moles and other skin tissue.

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Clean Precision Cuts

Personna Plus®, High Profile Microtome blade and dispenser in
High profile microtome blade dispenser

AccuTec’s microtome blades provide histologists with unrivaled clarity, minimal compression, and precision required for effective grossing, sample creation, and screening. AccuTec is currently developing even more advanced microtome blades for use with histology biopsy sampling for cancer detection.

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Medical Razors and Blades

DermaGard® safety double edge razor

AccuTec Blades also offers a complete line of long-term care razors, single edge blades, prep blades, and prep razors. The DermaGard® safety prep razor features a specially designed comb and “wrapped blade,” which prevents nicks, scratches, and other micro-abrasions.

Pro Trades & DIY

The Right Tools to Get the Job Done

We begin with a simple premise: the quality of a cut is only as good as the blade. For professional builders, installers, finishers, and industrial outfitters, durable AccuTec precision blades have always translated into greater productivity.

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Our industrial blades and bladed tools have set the standard for over a century.

Our master engineers design blades that step up time and again to the demands of high volume, tight tolerance, high accuracy cutting applications. It’s all about the physical properties of metals and alloys, the chemistry of coatings, and the geometry of blade grinding and facets.

What’s the task at hand?

Painters use AccuTec’s American Line surface prep tools and blades for professional finishes on the job. Single edge Personna and American Line by AccuTec are the go-to blades for tradesmen and DIYers alike. Call our customer service folks and they’ll direct you to the most convenient distributor or retailer.

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Beauty & Barber

Brands You Can Trust

It’s a styled world out there—and sharp, durable Personna products have proven reliable ever since we introduced our first hair shaper blade.

Personna Hair Shaper Blades offered through Spilo

Personna Hair Shaper Blades offered through Spilo

Beauticians, cosmetologists and barbers trust Personna blades and bladed products because they are:

  • Long lasting and dependable
  • Extra sharp
  • Highest quality
  • Comfort coated for easy glide
  • Made in USA

Manufactured from the highest quality metals and alloys, the quality and precision of the double edge blades, disposable razors, hair razors, and hair shapers make Personna products high performers.

Beauty and barber products are available through Fromm.

In partnership with Fromm Beauty, AccuTec makes its premier Personna cutting implements available through beauty supply stores.

  • Glide Coated™ 5- or 10-pack stainless blades
  • Classic 900 Kit, Handle, 5 stainless blades
  • Flare Hair Shaper Handle and Razor, 5 stainless blades
  • Mini Hair Shaper, 20 stainless Comfort Coated® Blades in a dispenser
  • Double Edge Stainless Blade Comfort Coated® in a 5-pack dispenser or 100-pack
  • Disposable Eyebrow Shaper, with 3 wire wrapped stainless blades

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