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We begin with a simple premise: the quality of a cut is only as good as the blade. For professional builders, installers, finishers, and industrial outfitters, durable AccuTec precision blades have always translated into greater productivity.

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Our industrial blades and bladed tools have set the standard for over a century.

Our master engineers design blades that step up time and again to the demands of high volume, tight tolerance, high accuracy cutting applications. It’s all about the physical properties of metals and alloys, the chemistry of coatings, and the geometry of blade grinding and facets.

What’s the task at hand?

Painters use AccuTec’s American Line surface prep tools and blades for professional finishes on the job. Single edge Personna and American Line by AccuTec are the go-to blades for tradesmen and DIYers alike. Call our customer service folks and they’ll direct you to the most convenient distributor or retailer.

Browse pro trades & DIY products