Our Sterile Surgical Blades Are Back

Category: Product News

Dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, and hair restoration specialists have one thing in common. They all need high performing blades to carry out their procedures. We created the Personna Plus product line to fulfill those needs.
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Accu-versaries: 10+ Years of Service

Category: Company News
Team members manufacturing blades in Verona
It is said that excellence is not an act, but a habit. We’re celebrating our “habit of excellence” by recognizing those employees who are celebrating ten years (and more) with the company. It’s the products that these fine people design, engineer, manufacture, and sell that have made this company great. Speaking of milestones, we’re excited to celebrate the GEM brand’s 120th …
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Commitment to Quality

Category: Company News
120 years doesn't happen overnight. Engineered to Perform.
In a world where the word “quality” is too loosely bandied about, how can AccuTec Blades assure that its commitment to quality is verifiably authentic?
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