AccuTec Blades Launches New Corporate Logo


Company’s aggressive growth strategy drives dramatic visual identity makeover

AccuTec Blades Inc., a leader in precision blade technology, today unveiled a new corporate logo and brand identity program. The new logo underscores AccuTec’s expertise in the design and engineering of bladed products where “the edge makes all the difference”.

Serving manufacturers and distributors of medical, food processing, flooring, fiber, glass, and auto glass equipment, AccuTec’s product lines include those acquired when AccuTec purchased Edgewell Personal Care’s (EPC) Industrial Blades division earlier this year. AccuTec’s iconic brand portfolio includes Personna®, GEM by Personna® and American Line® names highly regarded in specialty, medical, and industrial markets as well as the retail sector.

“Today, we are so much more than a manufacturer of blades,” said Rick Gagliano, President and CEO of AccuTec. “AccuTec embodies the resilience of American ingenuity and manufacturing preeminence. The new brand is a symbolic renewal of our commitment to innovative design and engineering.”

AccuTec’s rich heritage goes back almost 140 years to the Kamfe brothers when they applied for their first patent. “Rebranding signals the next chapter in a proud history of technologically and materially superior blades,” said Gagliano.

The central element of AccuTec’s broad corporate makeover is a fresh, contemporary logo. Its design reinforces the dynamism of the company as well as the balance of technology and precision that sets the standard for all AccuTec blades. The new branding will be applied to all visual communications, from customer collateral to the website.

Along with the new logo, AccuTec will be implementing a new visual identity system that will unify the company’s disparate brands.

About AccuTEC Blades, Inc.
AccuTec Blades designs and engineers precision blades in global partnerships with manufacturers and distributors of material processing equipment. AccuTec is recognized as a leader in innovative surgical, histology, food, fiber, glass, flooring, and DIY blades and bladed solutions. Headquartered in Verona, Virginia, AccuTec has a second manufacturing facility in Obregon, Mexico.