AccuTec Blades Upgrades DermaBlade® Protective Packaging

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New PET Wrapper Safeguards Shave Biopsy Blade Performance

AccuTec Blades has developed a new and improved protective PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging to safeguard the quality of its high-performance shave biopsy blade.

Before and after photos of the DermaBlade blade packaging

When the blades leave our manufacturing facility, secure packaging is a critical protection against potential shipping and storage hazards. We ship the disposable DermaBlade sterile and ready for removal of skin protuberances.

Knowing that the greatest risk to the DermaBlade occurred after the blade left our facility, our engineers designed new packaging to minimize the possibility of damage in transit and after delivery. As Rob Dunakin, our Director of Sales, Medical Products, explains: “Where the blade is stored after delivery and before treatment depends on the physician’s practice environment. The new poly bags protect the blade edge from deterioration not only in shipment but also in less-than-ideal storage conditions.”

The decision to convert packaging material resulted from company trials that demonstrated the advantages of PET packaging in a variety of conditions. “Because many factors affect the shelf life of medical blades, we investigated several scenarios and options,” explains Dunakin. “We found the PET provides the best protection against humidity and oxidizing agents such as chlorides and fluorides.”

The introduction of less permeable packaging is one of several innovative strategies AccuTec Blades has initiated to ensure MicroCoat® surgical blade performance. “We are always developing new technologies to protect product quality,” says Larry Baab, Vice President Sales and Marketing. “The conversion to the PET wrapper advances our ability to sustain blade quality once a product leaves our premises.”

And even more innovation is still to come…

PET packaging for DermaBlade product