Innovation is Heating Up Thanks to AccuTec’s New Fiber Laser Cutter

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The Latest Technological Upgrade to Our Facility

AccuTec is proud to announce the newest addition to our facility in Verona, Virginia: an industrial fiber laser cutter.  This American-made nitrogen powered fiber laser cuts and engraves with remarkable precision.  We are using it to facilitate rapid blade prototyping and resizing of existing blades to satisfy customer requests even faster.  The laser gives our facility multiple advantages across a wide range of applications.

AccuTec’s Industrial Laser Cutter

Current Project

We have already put our new machine to immediate use.  We recently cut new shapes for our Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) blades launching at TISE/Surfaces 2019 in Las Vegas January 23-25.

Thanks to the laser we can now shorten or alter blade shapes for customers with greater speed than ever.  The laser cannot sharpen the blades or create an edge from scratch, but makes all sorts of changes to the length and geometric profile of a finished blade.  It will be a tremendous resource for our R & D efforts.  Potential future uses of this laser are extensive and we will continue to take advantage of this asset to deliver our customers the highest quality, most innovative blades we possibly can.

Future Projects

Our immediate plan is to continue using the laser for prototyping.  We launch new products regularly and the laser will facilitate a quick design process.  We are looking forward to the future and even stronger opportunities to partner with you.  If you are looking for new custom solutions, call your sales representative to see what AccuTec’s new fiber laser can do for you.