Our Sterile Surgical Blades Are Back

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Personna® Plus Sterile Coated Surgical Scalpel Blades Ensure Sharp, Smooth Consistency

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Dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, and hair restoration specialists have one thing in common.  They all need high performing blades to carry out their procedures.  We created the Personna Plus product line to fulfill those needs.  Our MicroCoat® treatment and high grade sterile stainless steel make our surgical blades top of the line.  The makers of DermaBlade® are here to enhance the medical industry once again.

Our New Surgical Line Includes

#10 Scalpel Blade (click pic for specs)
#11 Scalpel Blade (click pic for specs)
#15 Scalpel Blade (click pic for specs)





Our surgical line is primarily intended for use in shave biopsies, Mohs surgery, and hair transplants.  Of course they can still be used for any applicable procedures.  Sterilized and ready to go from the moment they arrive, we’re confident you’ll enjoy their performance.  They sport a universal design for size #3, so surgeons can easily install the blades on their favorite #3 handle.  The stainless-steel construction and MicroCoat® treatment ensure a durable blade with a smooth, sharp edge.

These scalpel blades aren’t just sharp in general, they’re sharp by comparison.  We ran a case study of our coated #10 surgical blade against other competitors in the market.  #10 was picked because it’s one of the most popular surgical blades on the market today.  Results showed that we consistently outperformed competitors’ #10 blades in terms of sharpness.  Not only that, but our coated #10 was significantly sharper than the silicone coated #10 of competitors.  Feel the difference for yourself risk free and get your free samples today.

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