New & Improved Flooring Blades Now Available

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Proprietary testing machine means the best carpet blades just got better.

What does it take to make the best flooring blade possible? Persistence, innovation, and performance testing. We are so obsessed with performance that we not only use industry-standard CATRA testing, but have gone the extra mile and created a proprietary “Chaska” Carpet Blade Tester, invented by long-time AccuTec Blades engineer Frank Prochaska.

The Chaska Carpet Blade Tester keeps our carpet blades on the cutting edge.

The carpet industry is constantly on the move, developing new fibers and backings to step up to market demand. And we are on the move with them…

By testing 40 foot lengths of carpet at a time with the Chaska, we have been able to evaluate not only our blades’ performance but also those of other manufacturers. Test results are assembled in a data library we use to refine edge geometry and coatings to create solutions for carpets on the market today.

Meet our new carpet blades

Our premium carpet blades are engineered for today’s floor coverings.

Tougher carpet backing materials, such as olefin and nylon fibers, demand reliably sharp and durable blade edges. From the data collected with our Chaska Carpet Blade Tester, we have improved our already popular and high-performing carpet blades with even sharper edges and upgraded steel. These new blades have a reduced cut force and longer life.

high performance carpet blades

Personna Armor Edge™ Carpet Blades

Pair our carpet blades with the White Lightning Carpet Knife

Our new hook blades make their debut.

Rugged, enhanced-performance hook blades coming soon. We’ve upgraded grinding and finishing to ensure reliable, repeat cuts on the toughest vinyl and sheet products.

heavy duty carbon steel hook blades

No surface is too tough for our new stripping blades.

Honed to a perfect cutting edge, AccuTec’s newest heavy duty stripping blades fit all standard 4” and 5” tools on the market today. Great cuts, convenient pack sizes.  Ready when you are.

4" and 5" heavy duty stripping blades

Personna Stripper Blades


For more information on our new flooring products, please contact Customer Service.

AccuTec Blades is co-exhibiting with Traxx Corp at SURFACES, The International Surface Event going on right now through February 1. If you are attending #TISE2018, check out the blades in person at booth #4563.

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