Dermaplaning – One of the Hottest Trends in Skin Care

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Introducing the new Personna® Plus Sterile Coated Dermaplane #10S Blade

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Our dermaplane blade is primarily intended for use in dermaplaning and aesthetic/esthetic treatments.  From the moment they arrive they are sterilized and ready to go, so you really can’t go wrong with these exfoliators.

You might find yourself asking “What is dermaplaning?” It’s a rapidly growing procedure being added to facials or aesthetic treatments in Dermatology offices and spas.  Dermaplaning is the act of exfoliating the face with a specially designed scalpel blade that “shaves” the dead skin and peach fuzz off.  This allows the healthy skin to breathe and properly moisturize.  AccuTec wants to become a leader in this industry and make dermaplaning safer and more efficient for estheticians, aestheticians, and clients.

Our New Dermaplane Blade

#10S Dermaplane Blade (click pic for specs)

Our 10S blades fit a standard #3 surgical handle, so medical and beauty professionals can easily install the dermaplane blade onto any #3 they own.  The stainless-steel construction and Personna Plus coating ensure a durable blade with a smooth edge.

This #10S isn’t just smooth, it’s smooth by comparison.  To see this in action, we studied our coated #10S blade against other competitors in the market.  Internal tests showed our dermaplane #10S blade edge was far smoother.  In fact, our #10S was 4x smoother than uncoated #10S blades.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Feel the difference for yourself risk free when you get your free samples today.

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