Superior Automotive Film and Glass Installations Start with High Performance Blades

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GEM® and American Line® Single Edge Blades Deliver Flawless Precision Cuts

In window film, paint protection film, and vinyl wrap/graphics installations, precision is what separates amateurs from professionals. A snug, no-gap fit begins with meticulous cuts, and the accuracy of those cuts is directly related to the performance of cutting instruments. Simply put, it’s important to choose the blade that’s been engineered for the job at hand.

Watch Patric Fransko of GDI Tools as he explains the difference between AccuTec’s GEM and American Line single edge blades.

GEM and American Line blades minimize waste while speeding up output. They have been engineered with one goal in mind: the blade must perform reliably on the job.

  • Proprietary edge technology and angle geometry reduce the risk of snags, wrinkles, and rough edges
  • Cutting edges are reliably sharp from first to last cut
  • Blade metals and alloys are selected to perform in demanding work environments

Patric said it best about the engineers at AccuTec Blades: “They know what they’re doing with regard to making quality cutting instruments.”

American Line and GEM single edge blades usage chart

Ultrasharp GEM® uncoated 3-faceted single edge blades

GEM blades come individually wrapped to protect edges engineered for high cutting precision. The easy-glide three-faceted edge resists snagging and wrinkling.

  • Ideal for film cutting
  • Stainless steel single edge blade
  • Use in any 1″ blade holder
  • Available in 100 pack

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Versatile and durable America Line® 2-facet single edge blades

Engineered for both sharpness and repetitive use, American Line blades resist wear, even when used with the most resilient film. These heavy-duty performers last longer on the job and stay sharp cut after cut.

  • Ideal for cleaning and scraping glass, and film cutting
  • #9 Carbon steel single edge blade, non-rust aluminum back
  • Use in any 1″ blade holder
  • Available in 100 pack

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For every job, AccuTec Blades has a blade ready to get to work. GEM has been on the cutting edge for over 100 years, and “American Line” speaks for itself. It’s your blade, your choice.

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