Nationwide Search Underway for Thin Film Coatings Engineer

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Growth and innovation drive manufacturer’s expansion and hiring.

AccuTec Blades, the largest industrial blade manufacturer in the United States, has embarked on a nationwide search for a Thin Film Coatings Engineer. The Virginia-based industrial blade manufacturer’s search advances the 142-year-old company’s strategic and market objectives.

“AccuTec’s blades are highly valued because they are customized to specific functions, and the coating makes all the difference,” explains Rick Gagliano, President and CEO. “The design of thin film coating in manufacturing takes a technically sophisticated expertise—an understanding of the underlying properties of thin film compounds and their application to blade surfaces.”

The Thin Coatings Engineer’s essential expertise is academic to Materials Science, Physics, and Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, but in an industrial environment, it is also eminently practical. “Thin coating engineers must understand both the manufacturing and end-user perspectives,” says Randy Herman, Director of Engineering. “Ultimately, the most successful are team players who value complex challenges and shared collegial expertise.”

The job requires an understanding of all aspects of PVD and the coating processes in the context of AccuTec’s strategic and market objectives.

“Manufacturing blades is both art and science,” says Matt Charlton, PhD, an AccuTec Coating Engineer recently hired into a similar role. “We are looking for an individual who is excited by innovation and the idea that there is always a solution to a customer’s problem.”

Randy Herman agrees: “Ideally, we’re looking for candidates with manufacturing expertise or solid exposure, an individual who can add value to our core business by providing coatings expertise for precise and consistent industrial results.”

The good news is that AccuTec is a great place to work, and Central Virginia is a great place to live.

“Our secret competitive advantage is the Virginia lifestyle,” says Cynthia Ashby, Vice President of Human Resources. “We’re in the heart of the beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley. This is a family-friendly place to live; there is a lot to do and enjoy; and you can choose to live in an urban, suburban, or rural community within a very short distance from our corporate headquarters.”

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