DermaBlade® Shave Biopsy Instrument

Part No. 72-0001-0000

MicroCoat® Blade, Sterile, Disposable


Dermatologists have good reason to trust Personna brand blades and razors…they learned about them in medical school! In fact, the revolutionary DermaBlade® Shave Biopsy Instrument is featured in the classic textbook, Dermatologic and Cosmetic Procedures in Office Practice. Invented by a dermatologist for dermatologists, DermaBlade has become the premier implement of choice for MOHS surgery. It’s safe, sterile, and made especially for precision cuts.

  • MicroCoat® Coated Stainless Steel Blade reduces skin and tissue trauma
  • Guaranteed sterile
  • Flexible design for maximum control
  • Special grips for easy pickup and use
  • Made in USA

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More information on DermaBlade can be found on the dermatology application page.

Additional information

Blade Material Stainless
Thickness (inches, mm) 0.004, 0.10
Edge Type 3 Facet
Washed/Degreased Degreased
Coated Yes
Wrapping Individually Wrapped
Tool Material Plastic
Blades/Tools per case 400
Tool Yes



50 Dermablades Per Carton, 8 Cartons Per Case

Blades/Tools per case