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Put the double edge blade down. You no longer need to sacrifice safety for efficiency. DermaBlade® is easier to pick up and handle because it has been engineered specifically for shave biopsies, removal of surface protuberances, and MOHS surgery. It comes individually packaged for guaranteed sterility and protection.

Developed by a dermatologist for dermatologists.

AccuTec Blades and Dr. Robert Segal, a renowned dermatologist, saw the need for a safer, more precise dermatological tool and created DermaBlade®, which has been featured in medical literature. It cuts deep enough to remove lesions but precise enough to minimize injury to subcutaneous tissue–a particularly significant issue when cosmetic results are a concern.

DermaBlade® is a disposable shave biopsy instrument designed specifically for safety and efficiency. Its unique sure-grip side teeth provide stability, control, and precision. The blade’s smooth MicroCoat® edge means less tissue trauma and smooth, clean excisions.

DermaBlade by Personna Medical: Shave Biopsy Instrument

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